Mayorkas Blasts Impeachment Articles Against Him

DHSgov, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

( – On Tuesday, January 30, Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas pushed back against the impeachment articles filed against him over the weekend, arguing that the accusations against him were “baseless.” 

In a seven-page letter to the Homeland Security Committee, Mayorkas argued that he would defer all conversations about the constitutionality of their efforts to experts and scholars who have openly stated that the case against him is contrary to the law. 

He proceeded to state that what he would not be deferring to others were the personal attacks and politically motivated attacks that have been made against him. 

On Wednesday, the Committee voted to forward the impeachment articles to the House for a full vote. Ahead of that, however, Mayorkas argued that the “false accusations” against him would not divert him from the public service mission to which he has devoted the majority of his career and he continues to be devoted. 

Mayorkas proceeded to say that he has always adhered to the oath of office that he has so far taken six times during his career in public service. He added that he also has great “reverence” for law enforcement since coming to the United States with his parents who were exiles from Cuba. 

The GOP has accused Mayorkas of having failed to enforce federal law at the southern border. However, Mayorkas has argued that the accusations against him were false. He also insisted that the committee’s claims that he had not cooperated with oversight requests were “baseless and inaccurate.” He proceeded to note that he had testified seven times before the Homeland Security Committee and that he had agreed to testify again. 

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