Mother Sues McDonald’s After Teen Gets Attacked

Photo by Shahbaz Ali on Unsplash

( – The mother of a teen girl who was attacked at a McDonald’s in Los Angeles is now taking legal action against the fast-food chain.

FOX 11 in their report noted that the lawsuit was filed both against the chain and Ariana Lauifi, the adult woman allegedly responsible for the incident.

Angelina Gray, the mother of 13-year-old Kassidy Jones who was the victim of the attack, stated that she was heartbroken that her daughter was attacked. She alleged that the store’s managers and staff had not done anything to stop the situation and that they simply stood there watching as her daughter was being assaulted.

Jones revealed that the incident took place on Sept. 6 when she stopped with a number of her classmates at the fast food restaurant while returning from school. She said that while her daughter was in the store, a woman got up and started to assault her. She alleged that the perpetrator said, “What the F are y’all looking at? I fight kids. I fight you.”

The incident was captured on video and posted on social media. In the video, the woman is shown dragging Kassidy as well as pulling her hair and punching her. The crowd could also be seen as many of them were standing there while the incident unfolded while others were starting to yell.

One man, who was reportedly with the attacker, stepped in to help the victim.

After the incident, the mother called the police and took her daughter to receive medical care. She has also captured photos of the beating where the bruises and swelling are evident.

The owner of the relevant McDonald’s location told Fox News Digital that the restaurant was cooperating with the investigation, saying that employees did call police when the attack occurred.

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