News Host Takes Tour of Hotel Repurposed as Migrant Processing Hub

Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

( – Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams has warned that unless there are changes regarding the immigration crisis then people would end up “sleeping on the streets,” according to a recent Fox News report.

The Roosevelt Hotel in Madison Avenue has been repurposed in order to process families and migrants who have crossed the southern border, the outlet reported. According to a September 2023 report from The New York Times, the hotel has become a “symbol of the flagging aspirations and mounting struggles” to address the influx of undocumented migrants.

Following the 2020 health emergency which led to the hotel shutting down, it was turned into a processing hub for migrants and is now considered to be a symbol of a “city on the brink.”

FOX 5 “Good Day New York’s” Rosanna Scotto gave viewers an exclusive tour of the building as part of “The Sanctuary Trap,” a Fox Nation special examining the city’s attempt to solve the surge of migrants only to create new issues. 

Dr. Ted Long, who serves as New York’s humanitarian relief center’s head, revealed to Scotto that since they opened up, the site has registered over 70,000 asylum seekers. All of the asylum seekers that have entered New York City have ended up arriving at the building to wait for processing. 

Some people have referred to the building as the “new Ellis Island” and have pointed out that the building’s new look did not resemble its past self at all. 

Scotto captured a video that showed how the former ballroom was now being used as a medical triage center where professionals were screening migrants for depression. The hotel also has a supply room filled with a number of things such as hygiene items, diapers, baby food, and more. Migrants have also been seen sleeping on the floor. Scotto said there were no vacancies at the hotel despite it having 1,000 rooms.

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