NRA Blasts Biden Admin Over Gun Violence Prevention Office

NRA Blasts Biden Admin Over Gun Violence Prevention Office

( – The NRA blasted President Joe Biden’s administration following the formation of the first federal office tasked with addressing “gun violence prevention,” according to a recent Fox News report.

In the statement given to Fox News Digital. NRA spokesman Billy McLaughlin noted that the new “Gun Violence Prevention” office in the White House should be “renamed the ‘Federal Office to Disarm Law-Abiding Americans and Defeat the NRA.’”

He proceeded to argue that the office’s director Stefanie Feldman has a track record of bias and has made more than 20 posts on social media in which she is attacking the NRA and promising to take big executive action to address gun control.

The creation of the office was announced by Biden last week, and the office is going to be led by Vice President Kamala Harris. In the statement released by Biden ahead of the announcement, he said every time he has met with families who have lost loved ones to gun violence, he has seen a clear message for elected officials to “do something.” He added that the creation of the office was going to “send a clear message” about the importance of gun prevention for the country. He added that all of the work to prevent gun violence would be centralized which was going to allow them to more easily and swiftly save lives.

Feldman’s X account shows several posts in which she has promised to defeat the NRA, gun manufacturers, and former President Donald Trump while praising the work done by gun prevention groups to support Biden’s 2020 presidential election bid.

In a 2020 post, she specifically pushed for people to vote for Biden and “Defeat the NRA.”

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