Pizza Hut Worker Accused of Taking Manager’s Life

Photo by Mishaal Zahed مشعل زاهد on Unsplash

( – According to recent reports, an employee at a Pizza Hut in South Milwaukee killed his manager in order to get a sizeable inheritance check.

Police have reported that the surveillance footage captured the man moving a trash can to the dumpsters outside the store on February 5 at around 10:30 a.m. Three minutes after that event, the regional general manager informed the police about receiving a text message which read, “Had a brain fart, what’s the door code again?” He also said he didn’t have his keys because they were in the store.

The man who was having a hard time moving the garbage can was revealed to be 31-year-old Kavonn Ingram. The man has since been arrested and charged for murdering his boss, 35-year-old Alexander Stengel.

The general manager also revealed to law enforcement that at around 10:29 a.m., a phone call came in from Stengel’s phone but that the sound had been muffled. The manager then got a second message from him around 10 minutes later in which he had claimed that he felt ill and needed to go home. In the message, he had allegedly claimed that he was sick and had thrown up three times. 

The message from Stengel’s phone said that he had already checked out of work.

Using the surveillance video from a nearvy Taco Bell establishment, the police monitored the actions of the man and saw that he had a mobile device in his possession.

With the help of the footage and phone records, the police were able to implicate Ingram in the death of Stengel. They reportedly found a firearm and blood traces on Pizza Hut paychecks at Ingram’s residence.

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