Police Investigate Violent Attack on Woman

Photo by Matt Popovich on Unsplash

(ConservativeHub.com) – In the United Kingdom, the police have launched an investigation into an assault that could potentially be considered a hate crime, following the circulation of a viral video by a Jewish neighborhood watch group.

According to Fox News, the video was posted on X by Jewish security group Shomrim and it shows a woman being dragged to the ground and assaulted. In the video, bystanders end up stepping in to check on her condition.

The beating ended after the two female offenders who were allegedly attacking the victim left her unconscious, laughing and stating that she was “dead.” The victim was just left on the ground, completely unresponsive, Fox News reported.

The Evening Standard in their report stated that law enforcement confirmed the victim was a Jewish woman, 20, who had been left unconscious and beaten. The beating did not result in her requiring hospitalization.

The Metropolitan Police Detective Inspector Mike Herrick stated that this experience was scary but that the victim was lucky to not sustain any serious injuries. Still, he pointed out that the authorities did not underestimate the psychological impact that such an attack likely had on the victim. This was why they were offering the victim support while looking for the suspects.

The attack allegedly occurred last week north of London, and police are currently investigating the incident and a potential motive. In a statement, police said they “take any suggestion of hate crime incredibly seriously” and are closely looking into the details of the attack.

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