Proposed Ordinance Would Bring Change to Kid’s Menus in Denver

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

( – Denver, Colorado has proposed a new ordinance that would require water and milk to be the only options visible on kids’ menus as part of a push for children to make healthier choices.

The “Healthy Drinks in Children’s Meals” ordinance aims to push aside sugary drinks and sodas and help kids make healthier choices in an attempt to reduce the rates of chronic illness. According to experts and health professionals, there has been an increase in fatty liver disease, obesity, and diabetes cases among children. 

The ordinance would not block parents from purchasing sugary drinks or soda for their children. However, it would block those options from being visible on children’s menus in restaurants. 

The legislation is sponsored by Councilman Chris Hinds, who told Fox News Digital that with this move, they were not eliminating a family’s “freedom of choice.” Parents who wanted to give their children a sugary drink, juice, or soda would be able to do so. However, under the new rule, they would be nudged towards choosing a healthier option by default. 

He further argued that this ordinance was just a part of a greater wave of such regulations. He said that this is similar to the approach used by the city regarding bag fees, which encourages people to bring their own bags. It’s also similar to a bill that pushes restaurants to withhold things like napkins and soy sauce packets unless the customer specifically asks for them. Hinds pointed out that restaurants could still provide all of these items, but by not making them the default choice, there is a reduction of the usage which is beneficial for the environment.

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