Question About Costco Best Practice Sparks Online Discussion

Photo by Grant Beirute on Unsplash

( – A Reddit user recently brought forward a question that led to discussion among Costco employees and users on the best practices for checking out of the store, according to a Fox News report. The discussion specifically dealt with whether it was good practice for shoppers to place their membership cards in the dividers to get the store employees to scan them. 

The user specifically asked whether or not any other people did that, along with whether or not cashiers preferred it or disliked the practice. The checkout dividers are usually meant just to signify where one transaction should start and end, and they can be used either by multiple customers or by the same customer if they want to checkout certain items separately. 

One person in the post noted that in one store, they had specifically been instructed to place the card in the divider. However, when they moved 200 miles away, the new Costco they went to disliked the practice. They further noted that the cashier appeared annoyed by the practice. 

A different user also similarly noted that it is a store preference and that in their area they preferred for people to hold the card while scanning it. 

A different Reddit user noted that they disliked the practice because it was possible that the card might fall and slip under the belt which would be hard to get back. Other users also mentioned that putting the card on the divider was normal pre-2020, but now it’s more likely for cashiers not to like it.

Costco has not issued any official statement on the matter, according to Fox News, only noting on their website that membership cards are scanned at checkout. 

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