Report Explores Cost of Migration, Homelessness in Massachusetts

Photo by Greg Bulla on Unsplash

( – CBS News in a new report has included details from I-Team-obtained records about the amounts that taxpayers in Massachusetts paying in order to manage homelessness and the influx of migrants. According to the report, some hotels are collecting up to $64 per day to feed those in need three meals a day.

The state reportedly has 17 contracts for housing, which come out to $116 million. Spinelli Ravioli Manufacturing Company in East Boston was also awarded $10 million in a six-month no-bid contract which will allow them to deliver three meals per day. The state’s Executive Office of Housing and Livable Communities informed CBS that it was justified for them to proceed with the no-bid contract because of the increase in demand and the families’ requirements to receive three meals each day and have access to sufficient food. 

The state previously noted that they were obliged to provide support because they passed a sanctuary city law in 1983. However, the law was passed at a time when the city had to deal with a much smaller number of pregnant women and homeless families. Some critics have also argued that the law in question only applies to migrants who are also U.S. citizens. 

The right to shelter law requires that all families be given basic cooking facilities and refrigeration. However, CBS News reported that some places don’t have these options, which forces the state to outsource for the necessary services.

According to Fox News, Gov. Maura Healey previously argued that the state was in this situation because they did not have a choice.

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