Reporter Asks Biden if He Thinks House GOP Is To Blame for Navalny’s Death

Michał Siergiejevicz, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – A CNN reporter questioned whether the House GOP had “blood” on their hands after the recent reports that Alexei Navalny, a Russian opposition leader, died in prison. 

On Monday, February 19, when CNN reporter MJ Lee asked President Joe Biden about this possibility, insinuating that the reluctance to pass further aid for Ukraine had played a role in Navalny’s death, Biden responded by saying that he would not go that far. He added, however, that the Republican party was making a big mistake by choosing not to respond. 

Biden continued by claiming that the GOP was “walking away” from the Russian threat, NATO, and from the country meeting their obligations. He added that he had never before seen something like this. 

Lee proceeded to ask Biden whether he believed that the recent death of Navalny was going to “nudge” the Republicans to move towards passing aid for Ukraine. Biden then expressed hope that would happen while noting that he doubted there would be any change. 

According to Fox News, critics were quick to slam the reporter on social media for this “absurd” question, with GOP strategist Matt Whitlock saying that the reporter had suggested without any evidence that funds for Ukraine were going to stop Putin from killing any of his political opponents. 

Dylan Housman, a deputy editor for the Daily Caller, also referred to the question as “completely unhinged,” while independent journalist Glenn Greenwald argued that the entire premise of the question is “demented.” Greenwald further claimed that CNN was more partisan in their reporting than MSNBC and even the President himself.

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