San Francisco Restaurant Owners Sound the Alarm on Dying Businesses

Photo by Daiwei Lu on Unsplash

( – San Francisco’s Valencia Street, which was at a time one of the most popular streets in the area, has reportedly become one of the most crime-filled areas, which has resulted in businesses dying as there are low levels of tourism.

Fox News reported that according to a recent article, restaurant owner Rafik Bouzidi stated that if he got the chance to choose a different area to open his store, he would do it. He added that prior to the 2020 health emergency, it was impossible to find available spaces on Valencia Street. However, he said the situation has now changed and it looks like another restaurant was being shut every single week.

In an article in The Chronicle, it was noted that business owners in the area were dealing with some of the worst business problems in the city. He added that the once extremely busy area had now “become a microcosm” for the problems restaurants in the area were facing, including public safety concerns and problems with inflation.

Yellow Moto Pizzeria owner David White argued that there were many issues as tourism has not returned to its pre-2020 levels. He further mentioned that he believed the area suffered from a lot of vandalism and there was widespread drug abuse. As a result of all of these issues, he decided that private security was necessary. This was an additional cost for his business.

Alexandra Gerteis, who also owns a restaurant in the area, stated that business had also been hurt by the “controversial” bike lane program that had resulted in 71 metered parking spaces being completely removed.

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