Shocking Incident Unfolds on Frontier Airlines Flight

Photo by Alexander Schimmeck on Unsplash

( – A recent incident unfolded during Frontier Airlines flight 1161 which led to mayhem on the plane during a flight from Houston to Denver. The incident, which was caught on camera by some of the plane’s passengers, took place when a woman began to yell and jump around. The flight crew members managed to restrain the woman, but the flight needed to be diverted to Dallas.

The woman having the outburst could be heard yelling not to pull on her arm while she was being restrained by flight crew members. While being held back, the woman attempted to jump over many seats on the plane and was calling to the members to stop blocking her. She then proceeded to hit someone.

Over the cabin’s PA system, a flight attendant called for everyone on the plane to take their seats, while the crew continued to attempt to restrain the woman.

During the incident, a different unidentified woman started to preach from the aisle. She claimed this was not without reason and there was a “real devil” who wanted to kill each person and their family members. She proceeded to claim that the woman on the plane had been possessed. She added that the woman needed help.

The woman preaching continued by arguing that Jesus Christ was “the truth and the life.”

After the plane landed, law enforcement proceeded to take the woman into custody.

Federal Aviation Administration spokesperson noted that the flight had landed safely at the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport following the incident.

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