Suspect Indicted in Shocking Case

Photo by Emiliano Bar on Unsplash

( – According to recent reports, an Ohio man was recently indicted for getting close to families and using that favor to sexually assault vulnerable boys.

On July 8, Michael Toney, 34, was arrested and on Tuesday, July 18, he was hit with seven counts, including one charge of attempted rape, two charges of rape, one of gross sexual imposition, one of importuning, and two charges involving unlawful sexual conduct with a minor.

According to the court filing, all of the sexual assaults took place place from May 2021 to May 2023, and in every one of the incidents Toney abused a juvenile boy. Out of the victims, three were developmentally disabled, but no other details about the victims have been made public. During the investigation, video evidence featuring three of the victims was found. Reports say that Toney could be facing up to 36 years behind bar if he is found guilty.

According to Law & Crime, prosecutor Melissa Powers said in a news release that it was “appalling” for someone to have targeted children and committed “heinous acts against” them. It is not yet clear how Toney was able to meet the families and the victims. However, prosecutors have said that he would often get close to the family members of the boys he was targeting in order to gain access to them.

It was also stated by Powers that he would frequently purchase presents for the families of his victims, and she asked people to reach out to Cincinnati authorities with any other information they could provide.

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