Texas Lt. Gov. Says State Will Keep Putting Up Razor Wire Despite SCOTUS Ruling

Photo by Humberto Chávez on Unsplash

(ConservativeHub.com) – On Monday, January 29, Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick (R) stated that the state was going to keep installing razor wire and other border fencing along the southern border despite the latest ruling by the Supreme Court. SCOTUS recently gave federal border agents the right to destroy the barriers that the state has installed. 

On Monday, Patrick told Fox News’s Martha MacCallum that they would be putting up wire everywhere possible and that even if the federal administration destroyed the barriers they  installed, they would replace it. 

Currently, the center of the fight between the Biden administration and the state of Texas is Shelby Park near Eagle Pass, Texas. Federal authorities have maintained that the Texas National Guard had blocked federal Border Patrol agents from accessing the park which had previously been used by the agents to process migrants for the Rio Grande boat ramp. 

The Supreme Court in their ruling declared that the federal government had the right to remove the barriers in Texas and to ensure that federal law enforcement would have access to every part of the border. 

Last week, Gov. Greg Abbott (R-Texas) alleged in a statement that Texas had the right to fight against the “invasion” and that state authority “supersedes” federal law. 

There are also Democrats who have been pushing for Biden to nationalize the Texas National Guard and destroy the state barriers in order for federal agents to have access to the entire border. Republican governors from around two dozen states have supported the Texas governor for his decisions and have blasted the Supreme Court for its ruling.

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