Trump Pushes Back Against Gag Order in Fraud Case

Trump Pushes Back Against Gag Order in Fraud Case

( – Former President Donald Trump’s legal team has indicated he was looking to appeal a gag order that is blocking him and his legal team from making any comments about the New York fraud trial judge and his staff.

The limited gag order by Judge Arthur Engoron was reinstated by a lower appeals court recently. However, Trump’s counsel has claimed in their request that the enforcement of the gag order by the trial judge meant that there was doubt on whether or not he was able to serve as an “impartial” fact finder in this case, according to The Hill.

On Monday, December 4, Trump’s legal team requested permission from the intermediate appeals court to file their argument with New York’s highest court, the Court of Appeals.

Trump’s adult son’s attorney, Clifford Rober, noted in the request that without the expedited review, the petitioners were going to continue suffering daily from “irreparable injury.” He added that they were being silenced on issues that related to the possible bias of those sitting on the bench in a high-stakes case.

Most of the verbal attacks from Trump have been directed at the principal law clerk in the case. In a post on Truth Social in October, Trump dubbed the clerk as the “girlfriend” of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and even shared a lot of identifying information about her. A spokesperson from Schumer called out Trump for the post, arguing that the statement made was “ridiculous” and “false,” according to The Hill.

The post also went against the limited gag order imposed by Engoron which has so far resulted in Trump facing fines of $15,000 over his violations.

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