US Trucker Backtracks After Calling for NYC Boycott

Photo by Zetong Li on Unsplash Photo by Zetong Li on Unsplash

( – Recently, a trucker known as “Chicago Ray” took to the platform X, formerly known as Twitter, to call for a boycott of New York City. This came following the civil fraud trial ruling that requires former President Donald Trump to pay over $350 million in fines, plus interest, which would bring the cost to around $450 million. However, the man has now backtracked, taking back his call to action. 

In a more recent post uploaded to X, “Chicago Ray” argued that the reason he had removed the video where he was calling to action was because his Grandson had seen it on TikTok and it was going viral. However, he added that he continued to completely support the former President, saying, “Truckers for Trump.” 

Chicago Ray continued by arguing that every trucker needed to make their own decision, taking into consideration their careers and families. He said that he had been working for the same place for 18 years before quitting one day. He added that he was not the leader of any movement, but that he was simply his “own man.” 

This all came when Trump was blocked from doing business in the state again for three years. The ruling was handed down by New York Judge Arthur Engoron after a major trial that had originally started in October. The trial was the result of James’ lawsuit where she claimed that Trump and the Trump organization had inflated and deflated the value of his assets in order to benefit from better loan terms and better taxation.

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