Dangerous Wildfires Wreak Havoc in Hawaii

Photo by Malachi Brooks on Unsplash

(ConservativeHub.com) – The wildfires in Hawaii have now spread across two islands with the help of high winds that run 60 miles per hour. The National Weather Service stated that the strong winds were most likely a result of Hurricane Dora which was passing through the area from a safe distance.

The fires have caused power outages across the islands and destroyed homes and large areas of land. In order to escape the wildfires, some people resorted to running into the water. Fire crews have been trying to contain the spread of the fire in the island of Maui, but the high winds have caused firefighting helicopters to be grounded. The fire is currently concentrated in the western part of the island which is popular with tourists. There have also been fires in southeast Maui. As of August 10, 55 people were reported dead as a result of the fires.

Hawaii previously experienced a heat wave which is what caused the wildfires to take over the area. The heat wave has also caused wildfires in Europe, Canada, and other areas in the United States. In August, an 80,000-acre wildfire quickly spread through Nevada and California, while in late June a wildfire in Arizona led to 2,000 acres being burned.

In the south of the United States, many states have had temperatures that are consistently above 100 degrees. Experts have stated that the high temperatures and dry weather conditions have exacerbated the number of wildfires.

Sylvia Luke, the Hawaii Lieutenant Governor who is acting on behalf of Governor John Green, issued an emergency proclamation that opened up access to relief funds. As she noted, protecting the residents of the island was of vital importance.

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