160 Detained in Major Trafficking Crackdown

Photo by AJ Colores on Unsplash

(ConservativeHub.com) – Last week, authorities in Ohio arrested 160 people, including one United States Air Force member and the director of excellence of one university, as part of an effort to crack down on human trafficking.

According to Newsweek, many of the arrests involved people who were clients but not directly tied to any trafficking schemes. As Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost noted the operation was meant to help cut down sex worker trafficking and lasted a week.

Yost’s office had named the crackdown “Operation Buyer’s Remorse” and it resulted in close to 150 sex worker clients being arrested. They are being charged for taking part in prostitution. There were also two people arrested for attempting to have sex with minors, six for promotion of prostitution, and a number of others who were charged with possession of firearms and drugs.

Those arrested were between 17 to 84 years old. Yost’s Office further reported that a University of Dayton administrator, Michael Masterson, was also arrested in the operation. Masterson was the university’s director of excellence.

Officials from the university in their statement noted that they would not make any comments regarding the ongoing investigation and that this case was a law enforcement issue and they would let it be addressed as such.

A U.S. Air Force staff sergeant, Shawn Ryken, and an Indiana University professor, Ramesh Karki were also arrested.

For the success of the crackdown, close to 100 law enforcement agencies from across the state collaborated from September 25 to 30. Yost in his statement stated that the success of the operation did not only have to do with the arrests but also with the resources provided to human trafficking survivors.

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