2 Arrested at Migrant Shelter in Yonkers, New York

2 Arrested at Migrant Shelter in Yonkers, New York

(ConservativeHub.com) – Police bodycam footage recently captured a tumultuous incident at a hotel in Yonkers, New York, repurposed as a shelter for migrants. The video, released by the Yonkers Police Department, starts with a distress call to dispatch about an unruly individual at a Ramada Inn, where the caller reported the person was becoming violent and throwing objects at others.

The footage shows the chaotic moments as police attempted to arrest 35-year-old Arnal Kent, during which time he resisted their efforts. During the arrest, Yainilet Hernandez allegedly tried to interfere by blocking the door of the police vehicle to prevent officers from placing Kent inside.

Amid shouts from onlookers, police repeatedly told Hernandez to move away, but she continued to obstruct them, even attempting to pull officers away from Kent. The situation escalated as police had to physically move Hernandez aside to proceed with Kent’s detention.

Hernandez herself was then tackled to the ground and arrested after she pulled away from the officers trying to handcuff her and tried to hit several of them. This altercation resulted in one officer sustaining injuries to his knee and wrist, leading to him being placed on off-duty status.

Kent was later released with a summons for multiple charges including menacing, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest. He claimed to have been mistreated by hotel staff along with other migrants, an accusation that highlights ongoing tensions at the facility. According to the Yonkers Police Department, since May 2023, around 250 migrants and children have been relocated to this hotel by the NYC Department of Homeless Services.

Further complicating the situation, other migrants at the hotel told reporters that staff had been entering their rooms unannounced under the pretense of removing unsafe appliances, leading to the disappearance of personal items such as irons, hair dryers, and work-related materials. Some also alleged thefts of money and jewelry.

Hernandez remains in custody on charges that include assault, obstruction of governmental administration, and resisting arrest, and has been held on bail.

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