American Woman Unable To Leave in Dubai

Photo by ZQ Lee on Unsplash

( – A woman from Texas, Tierra Allen, 29, has been unable to leave the United Arab Emirates after she was accused of having violated a law about “offensive behavior.” According to the staff at the rental car company, Allen got into an argument which led to her getting reported to the authorities.

Allen’s mother, Tina Baxter, told the Insider that the rental company was requesting a very large sum of money in order to give back Allen’s phone and passport. It’s believed this this may have been a scam. The woman is now unable to leave the UAE, and specifically, Dubai, because a man filed a legal case over her “screaming.”

Back in April, Tierra Allen was one of the passengers in the rental car, while her friend from Nigeria was the one driving. That was when the incident occurred in Dubai.

Baxter described the incident as a “minor fender bender,” while Allen revealed to her mother that because of the incident, she was temporarily handcuffed and taken to the police station. The rental car company proceeded to tow the car with all of Allen’s belongings still in there. This included her wallet, phone, and passport.

After being released, she was told by the officers to go back to the car to retrieve her belongings. However, after going to the rental company, the staff demanded that she pay in order to get her items back. This led to an argument where Allen started yelling at the staffers. She was allegedly provoked into doing so. The employees proceeded to report Allen for the behavior she was displaying. In the UAE, there is a law against rudeness, insulting gestures, and cursing.

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