Basketball Player Confesses To Role in Killing of Young Woman

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

( – On Friday, December 15, 27-year-old Chance Comanche who is playing with the Stockton Kings was arrested by FBI agents in connection to the disappearance of a woman in Las Vegas. Comanche was booked in Sacramento County Jail on first-degree kidnapping charges after his arrest, and later he was charged with murder and conspiracy to commit as well following the discovery of the victim’s body in a ditch. 

The victim in question was 23-year-old Maryana Rodgers, a medical assistant from Washington, who disappeared on Dec. 6, during a trip visiting friends in Las Vegas. Eight News Now Investigators have stated that the woman had entered a car with Sakari Harnden, 19, who has also been charged with first-degree kidnapping and murder. 

On Dec. 5, the night before the woman went missing, Comanche was playing a G League game in Henderson, Nevada. On Dec. 7, Comanche was present during a Kings game at the Rip City Remix in Portland, Oregon. 

The criminal complaint specifically stated that Harnden had detained or held Rodgers to inflict bodily harm or possibly kill her. On December 20, news outlets reported that Comanche confessed to his role in the killing, with police records alleging that he agreed to help Harnden after she complained about a dispute she had with Rodgers over a Rolex watch. Rodgers and Harnden reportedly also got into an altercation days before the killing when Harnden got Rodgers’ boyfriend arrested for double murder.

Harnden and Comanch allegedly lured Rodgers into meeting them for a sexual encounter, during which they killed her, threw her body in a ditch, and attempted to conceal it with rocks.

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