Biden Admin Extends Work Permits for Many Migrants Amid Calls for Greater Action

Photo by Greg Bulla on Unsplash

( – On Thursday, April 4, the Biden administration further extended work permits for many immigrants, including green card applicants and asylum seekers. This comes amid a push by long-term immigrants for legal work permits as access to employment has been opening up for newly arrived asylum seekers, according to a report from The Hill. 

The administration has so far not moved to provide permits that will allow the close to 11 million immigrants who do not currently fit in those categories to gain employment. However, officials have reportedly stated it’s an issue they are aware of.

On Friday, April 5, Alejandro Mayorkas, the Homeland Security Secretary, spoke to reporters, saying he was not in a position to make any announcements. However, he said the administration has heard the voices of the people in the United States who have argued that there are undocumented individuals who have lived in the country without receiving work authorization for years. Yet, as he pointed out, there are people who have just entered the country, claimed asylum, and have proceeded with authorization within 180 days. 

He continued by saying that this is not something that they are ignoring and that from the first day, this is something that President Joe Biden attempted to address with legislation. He blamed Congress for failing to take action on the issue.

The Hill reported that this been particularly hard on large cities, as long-term immigrants have not been able to receive permanent legal status while new arrivals have been able to get access to the paperwork needed within weeks. 

On Thursday, Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson (D) expressed support for an expansion of permits, pointing out the economic needs of these individuals.

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