Chicago Approves Resolution To Move Away From School Choice

Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

( – On Thursday, December 14, the Chicago Board of Education passed a new resolution that would move the city away from school choice. The plan of the board of education is to help strengthen neighborhood schools and equalize the situation in the city.

According to Fox News, Jianan Shi, the President of the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) Board of Education, stated that while the strategic plan is going to be developed with the entire community, they are going to be focused on providing equity for students that were previously the furthest away from opportunity. He added that moments like this require “a transformational” plan which will help the city move away from school choice and instead, it will place the focus on ensuring that every student is given access to high-quality education.

The resolution notes that the board is going to be examining ways to move “away from privatization” and instead will focus on addressing the inequity in public schools across the city, which leads to students enrolling further away from their neighborhood schools.

The board is seeking to establish a model where the neighborhood schools are going to become the center of the education system, and where the schools would be recognized as “institutional anchors” in the community. This would also help rectify the “racial and economic inequity” in these institutions.

The Chicago school system previously allowed students to apply to any high school of their choice instead of needing to attend the neighborhood school that was connected to their zip code. This meant that students were not restricted to their neighborhood schools.

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