Chuck Schumer Condemns House Speaker’s Decision on Jan. 6 Footage

Voice of America, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

( – On Wednesday, Chuck Schumer spoke about McCarthy’s decision to allow access to thousands of hours of footage from the Jan. 6, 2021, riot to Fox News.

In a letter sent to other Senate Democrats, Schumer noted that McCarthy’s decision could be among the “worst security risks” the Capitol has faced since 9/11. He added that the release of this footage could provide insight into the security measures of the Capitol complex and could potentially compromise the safety of the Legislative Branch. He added that this means that those planning on committing another attack would have insight into the Capitol complex’s security.

McCarthy has decided to transfer 41 thousand hours of footage to Tucker Carlson, a decision which has been heavily criticized by the Democrats. Schumer added in the letter that Carlson should not be given “exclusive access to this type of sensitive information” and has argued that this decision will embolden those who want to destroy the nation’s democracy. He added that the decision to have Carlson gain access to the footage proves that this is a “sham” focused on indulging “MAGA election deniers” rather than focusing on the truth. He added that clips could be twisted and altered to alter public perception of what actually occurred during the riot.

Schumer also claimed that McCarthy’s decision to have the footage released was part of his concessions which allowed him to win the necessary support from the MAGA wing of the House Republican Conference in order to win the Speaker gravel. He added that the Senate “strongly objects” to having this footage released to the public.

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