Churchgoer Awarded Major Settlement in Lawsuit

Photo by Karl Fredrickson on Unsplash

( – Gabriel Rench has been awarded a large settlement after his arrest in 2020 over his refusal to wear a mask during an outdoor church service. according to reports. Rench, who is a member of Kings Cross Church in Moscow, discussed his arrest and the lawsuit on “Fox & Friends.”

On Monday, July 24, Rench spoke about the lawsuit he and two other churchgoers from against the city of Moscow. He stated that he was grateful that their case had led to their victory. The three had filed a lawsuit against the city in which they alleged that the arrest had violated their First and Fourth Amendment rights. In a settlement, the city of Moscow agreed to pay $300,000.

Rench said that while he was grateful for their success in this case, he was also concerned about the number of other people who did not manage to have a victory in similar cases. He then added that the settlement offered by the city was most likely an attempt to pay off a PR issue.

Rench, who had been at the scene with a hymn book out, was arrested during the worship service along with two others. The three individuals were detained for not wearing masks for many hours. Rench claimed that this was a violation of his First Amendment rights in a small town, and added that liberalism had in many ways become a type of modern-day cult. He said he believed that what happened in Moscow was a “microcosm” of what was happening across the nation.

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