Comedian Does Impression of Biden Talking About the Border

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – Recently, the comedian Dana Carvey showcased his talent for mimicry with a fresh take on President Joe Biden. On camera, Carvey portrayed him as floundering and inconsistent regarding the situation at the border, complete with exaggerated mannerisms and language. This sketch unfolded on an episode of Carvey’s podcast, “Superfly,” which he co-hosts with another comedian, David Spade. The routine was structured in two segments: it first depicted Biden, shortly after his election, dismissing the border situation as a non-issue, and then shifted to a more recent portrayal of Biden conceding to the crisis under public pressure.

Carvey opened his act by touching on the border situation, which has captured widespread attention. He illustrated a fictional scenario from a few years ago, with Biden at a news conference, responding to a journalist’s query about the border situation with a dismissive, “Let’s get our facts straight. There’s no crisis at the border. C’mon.” Carvey, embodying Biden, humorously justified this assertion by referring to a piece of paper that supposedly validated his claim.

The second part of Carvey’s performance shifted to portray a more recent and aggressive stance by Biden on the border issue, in which he vehemently promises to secure the border more effectively than it has ever been done before. Carvey, still in character, mockingly challenges the press and introduces nonsensical phrases and a push-up challenge, amplifying the comedic effect.

The sketch commented on the ongoing debate regarding border and immigration policies, which have been points of contention since Biden reversed several of his predecessor’s policies. Some polls, such as those from Monmouth and Fox News, reflect a decrease in Biden’s approval ratings concerning his handling of immigration and the perception of the border situation as a significant problem or even an emergency among many voters.

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