Couple Gets Married After Terrible Accident

Photo by Zoriana Stakhniv on Unsplash

( – Preston Cobb, an Iraq war veteran and father of three, was scheduled to marry his fiancée Tanesha on July 22 following the couple’s engagement in September 2022. However, recently the groom had an accident at work, which led to serious chemical burns that required him to have his fingers amputated.

The accident did not stop the couple from tying the knot while they were in the burn unit in a Georgia hospital. The chemical spill at Cobb’s work had occurred on June 30, a few weeks before his scheduled wedding. As a result, 32 percent of his entire body was covered in chemical burns.

As he told Fox Carolina, he was seeing his skin from his elbow completely detach and turn to dust. He added that during the accident, he thought it was going to be the end. As a result of the injuries, he was airlifted and taken to the August Burn ICU, as is stated on the family’s GoFundMe page.

The chemical that Cobb had touched when he fell had a temperature of 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit, which meant that the veteran ended up losing nine of his toes. He also lost four fingers from his right hand, and then partially lost the four fingers on his other hand.

The accident also led to Cobb worrying that Tanesha would not be interested in marrying him after the incident as he did not feel like the same person who had asked her to marry him. Still, his fiancée was devoted to being with him despite the accident. With the help of the hospital, the couple was able to get married on their originally intended day albeit in a completely different location.

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