DeSantis Suggests Placing RFK Jr. in the FDA, CDC

Daniel Schwen, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is currently running for the White House against President Joe Biden in the Democratic primary race. However, a new comment from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis suggests he may also have an interest in giving Kennedy a place in government if he becomes president.

On Wednesday, July 26, DeSantis, who has also joined the 2024 Republican primary presidential race, suggested that he would be open to Kennedy leading one of the federal health agencies if he won the White House. Kennedy Jr. is currently in the Democratic primary race against President Biden.

DeSantis in an interview with Clay Travis stated that some of his views were in alignment with those of Kennedy. DeSantis was then asked whether he would consider having Kennedy as his running mate. In response, he said, “If you’re president, sic him on the FDA,” or on the CDC, if Kennedy was willing. He added that he thought there would be too many other conflicts if Kennedy was his running mate.

Kennedy is currently trailing far behind President Joe Biden in the polls, and it’s currently widely believed that his chances of winning the Democratic nomination are slim. Still, his position has been supported by some Republicans, including former President Donald, Trump who have supported some of his more contentious views.

Last week, Kennedy attended a hearing for the House Judiciary select subcommittee that was examining the alleged weaponization of the federal government. Kennedy is known for having controversial views on a number of topics involving the global health emergency of 2020.

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