Drone Footage Reportedly Shows Cartel Operatives Throwing Explosives

Photo by Barbara Zandoval on Unsplash

(ConservativeHub.com) – A new video has emerged in which operatives from a Mexican drug cartel are reportedly shown throwing explosives close to Fronton Island which is part of the Texas Territory. The operatives have continued to take part in violent activities close to the U.S. border near the Rio Grande. Authorities have stated that the explosives are meant to act as an intimidation tactic.

On Wednesday, October 25, the video was shared on social media by the Texas Department of Public Safety. Both the thermal and non-thermal videos were posted. In the thermal view, it appears that the four operatives threw two objects that proceeded to explode a few seconds later. In the non-thermal view, a stream of sparks is spiraled in front of the operatives before exploding a few seconds after it hit the ground.

The Texas DPS has argued that these acts of violence are part of the intimidation tactics followed by the cartel operatives near Fronton Island. Authorization to patrol the area was given by Texas Land Commissioner Dawn Buckingham to the Texas Rangers and Texas DPS

Fronton Island which is situated on the Rio Grande has become an area that is frequently used for various illegal activities and many cartels have been using it over the years. In September Buckingham determined that the territory was not disputed and that it was owned by Texas. This removed any doubts about the authorization given to the state to control the area.

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