Fani Willis Urges Court To Dismiss Trump’s Request

Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm on Unsplash

( – District Attorney Fani Willis from Fulton County has asked for the court to dismiss the application of former President Donald Trump to appeal a ruling that let her continue being the prosecutor in Georgia’s election subversion case. 

Back in March, Judge Scott McAfee ruled that Willis would continue to be the lead prosecutor following the questions that arose relating to her relationship with former Special Prosecutor Nathan Wade. Willis had hired Wade to assist in the investigation into the former president. 

Following Wade’s resignation, Willis was allowed to continue being a prosecutor in the case. Trump’s legal team has claimed that Willis has engaged in misconduct. 

Trump’s attorneys ultimately filed an application to appeal the decision to keep Willis on the case, claiming that the court had “erred as a matter of law” by not calling for Willis’ dismissal and disqualification. The Georgia Court of Appeals would need to give its approval for the appeal to advance, Newsweek reported.

After the application’s filing on March 29, Willis’ office was given 10 days to respond to it.

On Monday, April 8, Willis filed a motion calling for the judge to dismiss the appeal filed by Trump. The prosecutors in their filing argued that the only reason for the appeal from Trump was because he was unhappy with the ruling of the trial court. 

In the filing, Willis argued that there was not any error by the trial court. She further stated that the applicants had not managed to “carry their burden of persuasion,” and that the Court needed to decline interlocutory review. 

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