Father Claims Children Were Traumatized at Disney World

Photo by Kin Li on Unsplash

(ConservativeHub.com) – Joe Sherman, a father of two, shared on Fox News Digital the recent traumatic experience that his family had at Disney World’s tallest roller coaster. The man revealed that his family has been taking trips to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida for years. However, this latest trip led to his children, 7 and 11 being “traumatized,” according to him.

The outlet reported that according to Sherman, while the two girls were on the ride, they ended up stuck on the tallest roller coaster. Sherman explained that his two daughters had decided to go on Expedition Everest at Disney World’s Animal Kingdom on their own, while the parents had remained on the ground. However, the cart got unexpectedly stuck while it was ascending up the mountain. His two daughters had to remain stuck there for half an hour, while his wife was “freaking out” next to him.

The park’s employees allegedly didn’t communicate with the family members or provide updates about what was going on. It was reported that “technical difficulties” caused the ride to stop, but Sherman alleged that the employees failed to show any empathy. Sherman proceeded to note that by the time his two daughters had come down from the ride, they were completely “traumatized” and hysterical. He added that due to this, they needed to make an early leave from the park.

Sherman said that following the incident, his daughters did not want to go on any roller coasters and were scared to go to any amusement park. He claimed they would need therapy in order to get over the incident.

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