FBI Caught James Biden on Tape in 2008 Probe

FBI Caught James Biden on Tape in 2008 Probe

(ConservativeHub.com) – The House Oversight probe into the Biden family’s alleged influence-peddling scheme surrounding President Joe Biden dates back to the late ’90s when a big tobacco settlement had been made which included James Biden, President Biden’s brother. Years later, James Biden was caught on FBI tapes amid a 2008 bribery scheme that was not connected to it at all. 

On Sunday, December 17, The Washington Post reported that James Biden had been picked up in 2008 on FBI tapes. The tapes in question are now resurfacing as the House voted to launch a formal investigation following the House Oversight probe. 

Richard Scruggs, a trial attorney from Mississippi, admitted that he paid Sara and James Biden’s consulting firm $100,000 for advice on approving a 1998 tobacco deal that in the long run ended up failing. At the time, James Biden was a key part of the negotiations only because Joe Biden was a Senate Judiciary Ranking Member. 

Joe Biden was initially against the deal, but ultimately ended up supporting it, although Joe Biden’s lawyer has denied that this was due to his brother’s influence.

According to WaPo, Scruggs stated that had Joe Biden not been James’s brother, he most likely would not have hired him. When the legislation failed to pass, he reportedly made arrangements with individual states that netted his company more than $300 million. The New York Post reported that according to Joe Biden, Republicans were convinced to oppose the deal due to a campaign by the tobacco industry.

Years later, the FBI was probing Scruggs in a bribery scheme that ultimately got him and multiple partners put in jail. The FBI caught a number of conversations on tape during that investigation, including phone calls with James Biden, who was allegedly trying to team up with Scruggs’ partners at the time. He has denied any knowledge of the scheme.

The White House has not made any comments regarding Joe Biden’s involvement in the big tobacco legislation. 

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