Florida Lawmakers Pass Legislation To Remove Squatters

Photo by Phil Hearing on Unsplash

(ConservativeHub.com) – New legislation in Florida that was passed by the legislature unanimously would let authorities remove squatters from people’s homes immediately. Previously, to have squatters removed from their properties, people often had to go through major court cases.

Florida property owner Patti Peeples told News4Jax that the new bill was giving her hope that they would be given the ability to talk about the challenges they were facing in society while also finding bipartisan solutions. Previously, Peeples was reportdly blocked from doing anything to remove squatters from her property who had refused to leave. 

Earlier in March, the legislation moved through both of the chambers. It’s expected to give the police the right to remove any squatters from properties if they do not have leases that have been authorized by the property owner. The current law requires landlords to go through an expensive and long legal process to take any steps against squatters. 

In February, Peeples told the Florida Senate Criminal Justice Committee to imagine if one day they returned to their home, and all of a sudden, they saw strangers who had just moved into their home, were eating their food, and watching TV. Then she said that when they ask what the squatters are doing, they’re provided with a lease and a claim that the property has been rented out.

Florida Rising, an advocacy group that opposed the legislation, previously argued that it would be abused by landlords to have legitimate tenants easily removed from their properties. However, they took a more neutral position after there were amendments to the bill that would protect legal occupants.

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