GOP Governor Blasts Biden For Utter Failure

Photo by Max Böhme on Unsplash

( – Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) met with President Biden on the tarmac after the latter arrived in Texas for his first visit to the southern border since being elected into office. During this meeting, Abbott handed the president a letter detailing the administration’s shortcomings in regard to the border crisis. In the letter, Abbott wrote on behalf of Biden’s visit to El Paso that it was “$20 billion too little and two years too late.”

Abbott further went on to say that Biden’s visit appears to be curated in a way that will not allow him to see the sites where most illegal immigrants cross into the U.S. He added that those who use those unofficial entry areas had led to many Texas property owners seeing damage in their properties because of the administration’s border policies.
He also pointed out that prior to Biden’s arrival, El Paso had been “sanitized of the migrant camps” and that the administration had planned a visit to the border that would “shield” Biden from the realities of the immigration crisis that many Texans need to deal with daily.

Abbott has been one of Biden’s most vocal critics. He has been particularly judgmental of the administration’s handling of the border crisis as well as of the lack of Congress-passed laws that would help improve the situation. Moreover, Abbott has frequently said that Biden’s comments encourage more immigrants to cross the border and embolden drug cartels in their illicit endeavors. This has led to an increase in fentanyl brought into the country.

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