Jimmy Kimmel Blasts Football Player on His Show

All-Pro Reels, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

(ConservativeHub.com) – On Monday January 8, late-night host Jimmy Kimmel slammed Aaron Rodgers for his recent unfounded remarks that the comedian had been nervous about the release of legal documents mentioning names of victims, witnesses, and associates of Epstein.

When the documents were released, Kimmel’s name was not mentioned among Epstein’s clients. Rodgers’s comments came after Kimmel called the quarterback a “wack Packer” in February 2023, pointing out that he was interested in stories about UFOs, Epstein’s list, and the Chinese spy balloon.

Kimmel, who had originally threatened that he would file a lawsuit against Rodgers, has denied being connected to Epstein in any way. He claimed that the only reason Rodgers likely made the comments relating to Epstein was because of the remarks he made last year. He proceeded to dub Rodgers “Karen Rodgers.”

Kimmel argued that this was how “these nuts” viewed the situation and that their go-to move was to claim that anyone who did not like former President Donald Trump was a “pedophile.” He said that he had previously seen guys who were like him and that Rodgers viewed himself highly just because of his success on the football field. He added that Rodgers probably believed that just because he could throw a ball, he was smarter than everyone. He proceeded to call the athlete a “hamster-brained” individual as an insult.

He further argued that during the health emergency of 2020, Rodgers had frequently claimed that he knew more science than scientists.

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