Man Indicted Over Alleged Attack on Teen

Photo by Campbell Jensen on Unsplash

( – On Tuesday, March 12, 22-year-old Michael Colome from New York was indicted for allegedly beating a teenage boy, 17, in Times Square using a broomstick on February 22. 

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg announced that Colome was being indicted on multiple charges, including fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon, two counts of assaults, and second-degree gang assault. 

The New York Police Department has already made available surveillance footage of the 17-year-old migrant who had been attacked by several other people. During the incident, he was reportedly attacked with a knife. Colome and five others were arrested as a result of the incident. 

The incident occurred at around 5:30 p.m. in late February when over 10 people started to attack the teenager close to 7th Avenue and West 42 Street. According to Bragg’s office, the culprits had repeatedly kicked, stomped, and hit the boy. Colome appeared later wearing a mask and using a wooden broomstick to attack teen repeatedly. 

During the altercation, the boy attempted to run away, but Colome and others chased him down, while a second group blocked him from leaving. Both groups then continued the attack. The broomstick that Colome was using broke during the incident.

After the broomstick was destroyed, Colome allegedly continued attacking the teen. Another individual involved in the attack also reportedly used a knife on the teen, which led to serious injury.

In reference to the incident, Bragg stated his was thinking of the victim and added that he wished him a swift recovery.

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