Mother Calls Out Parents After Child Gets Mocked at School

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

( – Earlier this week a mom went viral on TikTok after claiming that her daughter had gotten mocked at school for having a Stanley Cup knock-off from Walmart.

Dayna Motycka, the woman in the video, argued that while they could afford to buy for their daughter a Stanley, she did not think that her child needed one. However, as she pointed out, the children who attend school with her daughter proved her wrong as they had been making fun of her for not having an actual Stanley.


I in fact did not keep it short and sweet 🤦🏼‍♀️ apparently needed to get this off my chest! 🤷‍♀️ #stanleycups #valentinestanley #targetstanley #parentsteachingkids #parentingtips101

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Motycka proceeded to hold up the insulated tumbler she had bought for her daughter, which was around $10 and had a cheetah print in white and pink that her daughter had found “cute.” Her daughter, however, came back from school “upset” over how many of the other girls who had received Stanley Cups for Christmas mocked her for not having a “real Stanley.”

Motycka in the video pointed to the cup, saying that the girl told her daughter that this was fake and therefore not as cool. The mother proceeded to point the finger at parents for failing to teach their children to be respectful of others who might not have fancy brand-name products.

She said this is the type of behavior that does not come from children, but rather, it starts with the parents and moms. She added that nine-year-old girls should not be returning home upset because other girls had made fun of them over not having a specific item.

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