Mother Takes Legal Action Against School District Following Son’s Injury

Photo by AbsolutVision on Unsplash

( – A mother in Colorado is suing her son’s school district, arguing that she wasn’t told for hours after he ended up breaking his two legs after he lost control while in his wheelchair on a ramp.

The civil action lawsuit was brought forth by Igor Raykin on behalf of Patricia Portillo Estrada, who has said that her son, 12, attended Rocky Mountain Elementary in the Adams 12 Five Star Schools district.

In the lawsuit, it is reported that the 12-year-old boy in question has significant disabilities, not only physical but also intellectual with his speech. Because of this, he is required to use several aides including a mobility trike, walker, or wheelchair.

Portillo Estrada and her son migrated to the United States and mainly speak Spanish. As a result, they need district employees who are serving as their interpreters in this case. 

The mother said that her son requires supervision at all times, including when he is descending from a ramp. The interpreter shared that Portillo Estrada was calling for the school to take better action as they had failed to care for and ensure the safety of her kid. The mother added that it’s natural to trust your child’s school and hope they will keep them safe. However, she alleges that didn’t happen in this case. 

In the lawsuit, it is alleged that school district was unwilling to provide reasonable accommodations for the young boy’s needs. The lawsuit added that the school district had failed to provide any supervision to help with his functional mobility.

The lawsuit also argued that the school failed to provide equal access to education that would have otherwise been made available to the boy had he not been disabled. 

As he was trying to descend the ramp, the boy broke both legs. In the lawsuit, they accuse the district for not having provided the right supervision. They said the boy suffered from bilateral fractures to the fibula and tibia on both legs. In addition, Portillo Estrada also allegedly wasn’t aware he had been injured until she retrieved him from the bus stop that day, and she was initially unable to get in contact with the school to find out what happened.

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