New House Speaker’s Remarks Attract Mixed Reactions

Photo by Darren Halstead on Unsplash

( – Rep. Mike Johnson, who was elected as the next House Speaker in a unanimous vote sparked debate with his controversial statement involving the Bible and God, according to Fox News.

Johnson was praised by many conservatives on social media platform X for being bold about his faith. However, his comments were also met with a number of critics online.

On Wednesday, October 25, the Republican lawmaker was able to win the necessary votes to become the House Speaker several weeks after Rep. Kevin McCarthy was ousted from his position.

Following his election, Johnson remarked in the chamber that he did not believe in coincidences and what he believed in was the Bible which states that God will lift up “those in authority.” He then said he believed God had “ordained” all of them to be there right now to be in the position they are and that He had given them the role of serving the “extraordinary” U.S. people.

Pictures also emerged after Johnson’s election in which he can be seen bowing in prayer with many Republican Representatives. Conservatives took to X to praise the Speaker for his boldness about faith.

Greg Price, a conservative digital strategist, pointed out that it was rare for politicians nowadays to talk about their faith openly.

Similarly, Bob Vander Plaats, a Christian conservative leader praised the new Speaker and stated he was excited to see Johnson openly talk about his faith.

Johnson’s remarks also attracted their share of criticism. Psychology M.A. Lucia Grosaru, for instance, took to X and asserted that “religious principles” guiding a country’s rule has led to the survival of extremism.

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