New York Woman Speaks Up After Subway Incident

Photo by Paulo Silva on Unsplash

( – According to a recent report from Fox News, a 65-year-old woman from New York has expressed her disappointment in what she describes as a lackadaisical police investigation into her assault. This comes after the same suspect was implicated in a violent incident involving another woman at a busy Manhattan subway station last week. The senior victim alleges that the man had struck her from behind twice months earlier, and had law enforcement pursued her case more diligently, the subsequent assault could have been prevented.

Fox News Digital reported that the woman criticized authorities, saying that had they “taken this as a felony and someone looked at the videotape,” the other victim might not have been attacked. Wishing to remain anonymous for her safety, she pointed out that her own incident was downgraded to a misdemeanor harassment case, rather than investigated as a violent felony under New York’s “Granny’s Law.”

The suspect, 39-year-old Sabir Jones, is accused of shoving a woman against a train at the bustling intersection of 53rd Street and 5th Avenue during lunchtime. Before this, Jones is said to have assaulted another man. Witnesses at the scene were able to pull the injured woman back to a safe place and alert the police, as Jones reportedly fled the scene. The victim was reportedly taken to the hospital in critical condition, and Jones was later arrested.

This latest assault raises concerns about the effectiveness of law enforcement and the justice system in handling violent crimes. The older victim argues that New York’s legal system is flawed, particularly when dealing with suspects suffering from mental health issues.

The July victim noted that she’s been taking the subway for about 50 years and it’s only recently that she’s started to worry about strangers attacking her. She also raised the issue that the focus on rehabilitation and decriminalization can sometimes overshadow the necessity of preventing dangerous individuals from causing harm.

The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office has declined to comment on the charges Jones is facing before he is transported from New Jersey. Meanwhile, the senior victim said her reluctance to seek medical treatment following her assault was due to concerns of potential illness exposure.

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