Roblox Corporation Sued Over Alleged Child Addiction, Exploitation

Roblox Corporation Sued Over Alleged Child Addiction, Exploitation

( – Bullock Ward Mason, a law firm based in Atlanta, is bringing legal challenges against a number of video game companies due to fears about young people getting addicted to the games and pouring money into micro-transactions. 

Bullock Ward Mason managing partner and COO Tina Bullock has informed Axios that her firm is suing Roblox, a California platform popular with teens and tweens, on behalf of parents. In a statement, she said that Roblox is a company promoting micro-transactions that have been specifically targeting children. 

Roblox Corporation is reportedly only the latest company to be targeted by Bullock Ward Mason. The firm is also currently in the middle of challenging the developers of other games such as Fortnite, Call of Duty, and Grand Theft Auto.

The majority of Roblox’s 71.5 million daily active users are children under 13. The platform is completely free. However, there are many different avenues for children to spend real money to buy “Robux” , the game’s virtual currency, to gain access to more features. Within the first three quarters of 2023, consumers had spent $2.39 billion on the platform. 

Bullock has noted that they are collaborating with San Francisco and New York attorneys to bring forward the class action lawsuit against Roblox on behalf of parents. In the lawsuit, they are claiming that Roblox is responsible for several labor law violations, including fraud through the exploitation of child labor, false advertising, and rewarding that child labor through a “nearly worthless digital currency.” It is further noted in the suit that although Robux can be turned back to real currency, the conversion rate is not favorable, and that the majority of the earnings are retained by Roblox. 

In the suit, it is also noted that the active nature of the game makes it harder for children to disengage. 

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