San Francisco Cuts Funding for Office of Reparations Because of Budget Problems

Photo by Daiwei Lu on Unsplash

( – London Breed, the mayor of San Francisco, is reportedly putting the city’s Office of Reparations on hold because of the large budget deficit. In order to handle the expected $780 million budget deficit over the next two fiscal years, the Reparations office is going to be pulled back as part of the $75 million in budget cuts.

Following the restrictions in 2020, San Francisco has had a hard time recovering, as many retail businesses have moved outside the city because of the increase in public drug usage, crime, and homelessness. Many taxpayers and remote workers have also reportedly selected to leave the city because of these reasons.

The reparations office was created following a years-long campaign that had resulted in the city approving a reparations plan. However, the decision to cut funding for the office came after Supervisor Shamann Walton’s previous attempt to include money in the budget for the office. Walton told The SF Examiner that the budget cuts were “disheartening” but that he could see that there was a need for them.

Walton pointed out that while he understood how important it was to avoid cuts to existing programs, the cut of the reparations office would mean that the Black community would “continue to pursue justice and equity” in the city. He added that his hope was to see the deficit eliminated swiftly so that they could provide funding to the office and proceed with its commitment to addressing the injustice that the Black community in San Francisco had faced for generations.

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