San Francisco Toy Store Closing Down After 86 Years

Photo by Jerry Wang on Unsplash

( – Jeffrey’s Toys, San Francisco’s longest-running toy store, has announced that they will be closing down after 86 years as a result of the increased violence and inflation, along with decreased business from customers.

The iconic downtown toy store, which served as the inspiration for Pixar’s classic “Toy Story,” announced recently that the store would be shutting down at the end of February. 

Ken Sterling, the attorney of the toy store, told The San Francisco Chronicle that the store had been struggling for several years as a result of inflation, the increasing violence in the streets downtown, and the overall decrease in retail and consumer spending. 

The business was originally founded by the Luhn family in 1938 as Birdie’s Variety Store and has belonged to the same family for four generations. In the 1950s, the store started to sell toys and the business continued to expand to seven different locations in the Bay Area at one point. However, the store in the Financial District is now the last store left. 

Rosie Luhn spoke to the San Francisco Business Times, noting that they were heartbroken about needing to close down the store. She added that they had held on to the store for as long as they could, but that at this point, everyone had left the city. She further pointed out that San Francisco always made a comeback, but that would most likely take another three years. 

The store put an announcement about shutting down on Facebook earlier this week noting that All Full Price Items would be discounted by 30 percent. 

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