Uvalde Mayor Announces Departure From Position

Photo by Courtney Rose on Unsplash

(ConservativeHub.com) – On Monday, April 1, the Uvalde mayor Cody Smith in Texas, announced that he was resigning because of health concerns. Smith managed to win the 2023 election, in a race that placed a lot of focus on the Robb Elementary School Shooting, according to The Hill. 

Smith stated that he wanted to thank all of the Uvalde community members who have been praying for his recovery after he started experiencing unexpected medical problems in the last few weeks. Smith managed to win in the 2023 race against gun control advocate Kimberly Mata-Rubio, who was one of the parents who had lost a child during the school shooting back in May 2022. 

The school shooting resulted in 21 people, including two teachers and 19 students, losing their lives. The delayed police response drew immense backlash in the aftermath.

This is not the first resignation in the city in the past few months, as on March 12 Uvalde Police Chief Daniel Rodriguez also unexpectedly stepped down. This decision was made only days before a city-commissioned report was released. determining that the local police did not bear any responsibility for the shooting. 

The local report went against the federal investigation which had found that the police department’s command chain was badly organized and confusing, and therefore partly blame for the botched response to the shooting. While the gunman was killing children in the school on the day of the attack, there were dozens of police officers who were waiting outside the building. The federal report argued that this was a failure of the police department and that it should have never occurred. 

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