VIDEO: Family Member Receives Incredible Gift After Tragic Loss

Photo by Noah Silliman on Unsplash

( – Earlier this month, the Animal Care & Control Team of Philadelphia found a pit bull wandering in Philadelphia. After bringing the dog to the shelter, they scanned him to see if he had a pet microchip. The microchip is no bigger than a grain of rice and it can be a helpful way of acquiring all of the pet’s health information as well as the information of their owner. This can help vets and shelters return pets to their owners if they ever run away or get lost.

This appeared to be the case with the dog found in Philadelphia, whose name turned out to be Bentley. Bentley had gone missing three years ago in Memphis, Tennessee.

However, when calling the pet’s owner, they were surprised to find that the owner’s sister was the one to pick up the phone. Dee, the sister, informed the shelter that the actual owner of the dog had passed away in the three years that Bentley was gone. However, she was happy to hear that the long-lost dog was found safe.

A few weeks later, Dee and Bentley reunited, which resulted in a very happy Bentley howling and wagging his tail after seeing Dee. Dee proceeded to tell him how much she had missed him and hugged him. She then proceeded to recount how Bentley had gotten lost in the first place.

Three years ago, when her sister was walking her dog, she fell down because of her cancer. They then tried finding Bentley, but they never managed to locate him. She proceeded to say that while she did not know how he had reached Philadelphia, she was glad Bentley was back and could serve as a reminder of her sister.

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