Visitors File Lawsuit Against National Park Service

Photo by Hamed Taha on Unsplash

( – The National Park Service (NPS) is facing a lawsuit from three visitors over its policy that prohibits any cash payments in many of their locations. 

In early March, Toby Stover, Esther van der Werf, and Elizabeth Dasburg brought forward the lawsuit that claims that the park’s policy that prohibits cash payments is a violation of federal law.

The plaintiffs have argued that they were not allowed to use cash during any of their visits to the national parks, monuments, or other locations. They alleged that because the U.S. currency is “legal tender for all public charges,” having the NPS block them from using cash for their transactions goes against federal law. The lawsuit was originally filed on March 6. 

In the suit, it is stated that this is the type of “violation” that should not be overlooked, and while the plaintiffs were not asking for the court to block the NPS from also accepting payment through digital means, or debit and credit cards, they are calling for cash payments to be made available. The plaintiffs have argued that their cash payments were turned away in New York, Georgia, and Arizona. 

In addition, the lawsuit said that NPS does not allow any cash payments at 29 locations. This policy has been in place since 2019 for park passes in Arizona, but now it is being implemented in other places such as California, Colorado, and Montana.

NPS has claimed that the policy allows for transactions to be completed faster which reduces the waiting period for people visiting. 

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