WaPo Journalist Refers To Shoplifting Fears as “Moral Panic”

Photo by mostafa meraji on Unsplash

(ConservativeHub.com) – The Washington Post in a new report said that the shoplifting problem in many American cities had turned to “moral panic.”

Maura Judkis, a Post culture reporter, wrote a piece in the Style section of the publication in which she addressed the recent shoplifting and looting incidents in CVS. She touched on the Columbia Heights CVS incidents had resulted in the store’s shelves being emptied out. The store ultimately closed down at the end of February.

She proceeded to point out that the remaining store in Northwest D.C., also has empty shelves and aisles, with the only remaining items being kept behind plexiglass. She further noted that diapers were now being held behind the counter, while certain face washes were being kept under lock and key. 

In her article, Judkis focused in on how CVS “got spun by the culture wars into a symbol of America’s shoplifting panic.” According to her, while the politics on crime have gone wild and retailers claim theft is worse than ever, the actual data is less conclusive.

She said that the empty shelves in CVS have in a way become a symbol of everything that is believed to be wrong with cities in the country, as well as with liberal democracy. She continued by claiming that this “moral panic” was accentuated even further by the ancestral guilt surrounding colonization and theft. 

Judkis wrote in her report that America was a “sticky-fingered nation” created on land that was stolen, which is why there has been this “moral panic” relating to theft. 

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