Woman Declines To Swap Seats on Flight, Gets “Dirty Looks”

Photo by Alexander Schimmeck on Unsplash

(ConservativeHub.com) – A woman, 22, recently took to Reddit to describe one of her recent experiences during a flight. The topic she touched upon is one that many users have commented on.

According to Fox News, the woman shared in her post that while boarding the plane for her flight, she saw that there was someone in her seat. She said that seated in her aisle seat was a man who looked to be in his 40s with his wife and daughter. The woman proceeded to approach him and request that he move from her seat, as she had specifically paid more in order to book that seat.

However, the man refused to move and simply told the lady to sit in his middle seat. The woman then informed the man that she did not want to sit in the middle seat, which resulted in the man getting angry and telling her that the airline had made a mistake with the seating and that he would sit with his family.

A flight attendant ended up coming over and telling him that he needed to move from the seat.

Still, the woman reached out to Reddit’s famous sub “Am I the A–hole” to ask whether she had been wrong not to offer the man her seat, especially considering the man’s daughter looked sad and she and the mother kept giving her “dirty looks.”

Many commenters were quick to tell her that she didn’t anything wrong and that she wasn’t under any obligation to give up the seat that she had paid for. One person said they had the option to book different seats and that she had a reason for choosing the specific seat that she did.

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