Young Boy Dies After Consuming Strawberries

Photo by Natasha Skov on Unsplash

( – An 8-year-old boy in Kentucky ended up passing away after eating strawberries during a school fundraiser.

The Madisonville Police Department is investigating the incident. They first received a call informing them of the 8-year-old boy having issues breathing and being unresponsive early in the morning on Friday, March 15. His parents proceeded to inform authorities that he had previously eaten many strawberries during a fundraiser at a high school that had taken place the night before. 

On Thursday, when the young boy first started showing symptoms, his parents gave him Benadryl and a bath. However, his symptoms continued to get worse which prompted them to take the young boy to the emergency room. However, hours later, they returned home.

The next morning, the parents called for help when the boy wouldn’t wake up.

Following the boy’s death, the Hopkins County Health Department stated that a preliminary autopsy report showed that this appeared to be an isolated allergic reaction. However, because the report was preliminary, the department’s director Denise Beach said that they advised people to avoid eating strawberries that were sold by the Hopkins County Central High School athletics and the Madisonville North Hopkins High School. 

The strawberries were reportedly distributed by Sizemore Farms, Southern Grown, and Juicy Fruit LLC. The health department noted that the Department of Public Health Environmentalists was testing strawberry samples. 

The identity of the boy who passed away has been kept private. 

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