Bride Angry After Bridesmaid Tells Her She’s Pregnant Ahead of Wedding

Photo by Cássio Jardim on Unsplash

( – Whenever one is having a moral dilemma, it has become standard practice for them to internet strangers for advice. Recently, an anonymous bride posted on a Facebook group that’s wedding-focused to ask whether she was unreasonable for making a particular demand from everyone involved in her wedding.

The bride’s question was later taken and posted on the subreddit “Wedding Shaming” where members were quick to shame her for her behavior. The user that had taken the screenshots of the bride’s original inquiry which was posted on Facebook on Saturday, June 3, captioned the post: “Bride is upset when she can’t control the family planning of her party.”

According to The New York post, the post had received more than 970 upvotes by June 7, including the “Bridezilla/Groomzilla” label. The bride wrote in her post that she knows that she is not able to stop anyone from getting pregnant, but she explicitly told all the women in her wedding party that she would not like to have any pregnant people in her party. She then proceeded to ask them whether they would be okay putting off having a baby until after her wedding was completed.

She stated she didn’t want to have the stress of any ill-fitting dresses, which is why she got  angry after one of her bridesmaids told her that she was pregnant. Not only that, but the woman apparently hid it from the bride for the first few weeks of the pregnancy.

Reddit users were quick to say that the bride was not only being unreasonable but also entitled and selfish. According to the NYPost, one user slammed her for having bridesmaids for the “aesthetics.” Another lamented that her sister-in-law was afraid to tell her about her pregnancy before the user’s wedding because of people like the original poster.

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